Freelance Art Director

Scott Ford

I provide top-tier creative services to out-of-the-box entrepreneurs.

Print Design

Expert-level print design and production including books, magazines, posters, brochures, identity, mailers, annual reports, vinyl wraps, and yes, even “selfie stations.”

Web Design

To our new mobile-centric world, I bring decades of experience designing and developing websites and web apps for organizations and businesses of all sizes.

Digital Marketing

Crafting a visually-engaging digital marketing strategy that fits your budget and makes sense with your social reach is just one of the creative consultation services that I provide. Ask me!

Welcome, Friends!

Hello, my name is Scott … but somehow most people just call me “Ford” so, you know … please do! Welcome to my website. I’m a freelance art director based in Hollywood, CA where I have served the business community for over 20 years. Please check out these links to get to know me better!

What drives me is to help companies and nonprofit organizations find creative ways to leverage their own personal uniqueness in the marketplace of ideas, to help them express the creativity of their venture through their brand messaging and social media. I have helped many corporations, small businesses, nonprofits and startups produce top creative content for their strategic business goals. I’ve done so with eye-catching designs for major brands such as: Disney, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, iTV Network, CatchTV, Skechers, City of Los Angeles, Allstate, Intel, SAP, Digital Planet, LA Weekly, Movieline magazine, The Los Angeles Times Magazine, Mattel, Von Dutch, Denimhead, Skechers, Kidspace Children’s Museum, Hollywood Central Park, Outfest Film Festival, Famcom, CreSenda Wireless, Longview Global Advisors, Satcon, Media Creature and many other small businesses, nonprofits and startups. Drop me a line and let’s talk about your creative plans!

Bionic Design Eye

I have one, so you don’t have to.

Love Solving Problems

Communicating even complex messages with simple and intuitive visuals gets me out of bed in the morning … usually.

Big Idea Creator

I’m a vision-wrangler and at my best when thinking big.

Keen On Metrics

It’s true, you don’t know how well you are doing if you don’t know where you’ve been.

My Work


I can do a variety of looks and am extremely flexible

Modern designs with lots of space

Clean & Simple

Modest use of color, clean edges and lots of white space have long been the look-and-feel of what we consider modern, and we are reminded of how the clean white walls of an art gallery quietly showcase it’s occupants.

Denimhead West

Fashion & street culture

Urban & Metro

A mashup of influence from fashion, music, movies, dance and street art, America’s visual urban landscape can be a virtual design salad of just about anything with fierce color and textures.

Fun designs for kids and adults who are really kids

Young & Fun

For kids, everything is larger than life. Captivating colors along with plenty of movement needed to get on the visual radar of most. But it is the idea of learning through play that holds their attention, perhaps forever.

Mad Science
Mayfield Junior School

Spotlight on Editorial Design

Maypoll Magazine

Maypoll Magazine is the annual magazine for the students at Mayfield Junior School in Pasadena, CA. (View issues: 2013, 2014 and 2015)

Nobody has wondered more about this than me 😉

What People Say


I help organizations and businesses express their own unique style online

Web Design

Since the beginning of the web I have been there riding each new wave of technology, each trend and each standard. Now with decades of experience, I develop custom sites for businesses that are easy to maintain.

Own a full-featured website with easy drag & drop CMS without monthly subscription fees

Custom WordPress Development


I gave progressive council-member Marqueece Harris-Dawson a new mobile-first website to better serve his diverse and active constituency of Council District 8, who create a demand to keep up with the fast-moving technology.


We wanted a simple an effective layout for these corporate thought leaders. We deployed a custom backend interface where the client can drag and drop elements to customize the site with no coding knowledge necessary.


Occupy Yourself is an alternative news site that serves as a hub for street activists in the Los Angeles area. Born out of OccupyLA and the Occupy Wall Street Movement, this site features news previews driven by RSS.